Retrospectives in Agile
2017 May 24th


How we improve the retrospectives in Agile

Useful advice from JBS Business Analyst Evgeniy Antonov

Let's talk about the circles of influence and their combination with other techniques. The technique “My soup” has special zones for problems classification. (The similar idea was described in book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey.) We use these circles to upgrade other approaches, starting from ideas-generation and ending with decision-making.


You can use any technique for a generation:


We sort the sheets on the board by zone:

  • control (these are tasks or problems that we will solve by ourselves),
  • influences (we escalate or discuss these problems, the decision depends on us),
  • anxiety (these problems are our candidates for ignoring, or discussing why they cause our attention and how we can learn to live with them so that they do not bother us).


In the pictures: a template in which the techniques of "Open the Box" and "My Soup" are mixed, as well as an example from a life in which voting by points is still visible.

Good luck!