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When you come close to the moment when you are ready to make your business concept a reality, you may think who and how can help you with implementing the required IT solution. Quite probably, you need someone to do it for you and let you focus on your business goals. You have quite a few things to care about: the mission of your business, the innovation that makes your business case unique and competitive, and the most important success criteria.

And we know how to make your business case succeed as an IT solution, what and how should be automated in accordance with the key drivers of your business - all without excessive costs of non-essential features. Moreover, we provide you with a roadmap for future enhancements of the IT solution to meet the challenges of upcoming needs of your business development.

For a quick start of the project with efficient investments, we can enrich the IT solution with ready components and tools, making it easily scalable in response to business volume and consumer base growth.

Writing the code is the easiest job.

It is the scale and complexity of enterprise level solutions that makes the job challenging.

Before getting to software coding, we achieve good understanding of the business case by all the team members and their buy-in. We define key business values, identify and formalize business processes, choose the right ones to be automated. We realize the need for expert level approach to definition of proper software and solution architecture, reflecting the required level of systems availability and workload growth.

And when software coding is done, it is not the end of the story: integration and load tests, release management and fine-tuning of IT environment for production use, organizing support service and continuous improvement of the solution gives your business case the necessary support and helps you provide superior user experience to your customers.

To make the solution great, we are capable of managing it for each of the required steps and activities, operating at the level of key drivers of your business, not expecting formal definition of requirements from you and not requiring them to be cast in stone. We are motivated to achieve exciting results and strongly interested in your business model effectiveness. We want to be your partners in your success.

Each project is always time-bounded, limited by phase, commercial launch or user acceptance. And what will happen after project deadline in many cases stays unknown even for the decision makers.

But software product lifecycle involves a bigger vision: from idea, through commercial use, to decline and replacement with a newer solution. Good understanding of complete software product life cycle affects priorities and solution architecture decisions at the early stages of product development. It gives significant saving of time and resources on the actions following the system launch.

Needless to say that analyzing your business case with product life cycle makes you more confident in total cost of your solution and gives you a way to make better investment decisions.

Product-oriented thinking empowers team members with higher-level involvement and personal responsibility for product success.

By partnership, we mean our readiness to listen and to understand your business case, and subordinate technical decisions to it. Having an open, constructive discussion, we enrich your innovation with knowledge and experience in delivering well-performing IT solutions.

When we have shaken hands and started cooperation, it means for us to feel shared responsibility for making the story successful. We work not only for wages and rates but also for creating new capabilities, by realizing the potential of each team member. We are looking for mutual trust and shared values – among everybody, from engineering team members to key decision makers.


Indentify key business drivers

Key business outcomes and innovations defined and agreed upon. Business processes design by joint team. Pilots and trials. Product/solution lifecycle estimated.



Agree on implementation plan for early commercial launch. Prevent scope creep. Design infrastructure based on best in breed industry standards.


Technical Solution

Solution implementation based on the key business values. Flexible scope for last minute needs: making the solution useful and up-to-date without compromising the quality.


Solution Roll-Out and Launch

The product and solution are provided with required IT operations infrastructure, lightweight support and maintenance. Support in implementation of COBIT and PCI/DSS certification.


IT Solution Support and Improvement

Establish support services based on ITIL. Continuous sustainable growth of your product and solution. Timely support product lifecycle based on growing business demands.

The customers are satisfied and stay with us. Our partnership approach is valuable for them.

software development
11 products in care
Our team in care of 11 software products life cycle combined into several IT solutions
agile in practice
Support for our partners
We provide required 2nd and 3rd level of support for our products and solutions same as virtual infrastructure maintenance
agile in action
Optimal levels of abstraction
Carefully chosen, optimal levels of abstraction that reduce future rework and facilitate support and reuse of components
agile development
No compromise on quality
Quality under control via process and execution
it solutions development
60 engineers in 2 cities available
Team is extending in a sustainable manner with strong corporate culture and care for each team member's professional development and personal achievements
development life cycle
Result-oriented culture
Each team member cares about the value their job adds to partner business success
technical support
Clear communications
Our strategy is open information exchange between all the team members, creating common vision and understanding. At the same time, following NDA conditions is ensured
software engineering
Dedication, enthusiasm and take-charge attitude
Enthralling opportunities, good working conditions and positive attitude motivates people to realize their potential

Strengths and Passions

Database engine

Cross-platform C++ frameworks such as Boost, Qt, STL library have been used and currently in active use in one of our projects that is all about creating a relational DBMS for analytics purposes, date warehousing, data quality.

The hallmarks of this product are high performance, security, enhanced compression of stored data while yet maintaining good answer time, read-only data access for End Point Computing architecture.

SOA solution

More than 7 projects based on SOA architecture standards were implemented and launched, followed by support, transfer and development of enterprise infrastructure.

At the moment, the developed systems serve for networks of 10 million subscribers and have created possibilities for scaling, which in the future will allow to serve increasing numbers of users.

To ensure timely reaction of the SOA infrastructure to new business requirements, we developed a system, which configures the enterprise logic and performs program infrastructure service orchestration. The system is targeted to business oriented operators without technical skills. It has scaling mechanisms based on load balancing techniques as well as clustering of system counters. A distributed cache, increasing productivity, was implemented with EhCache + Terracotta. Apache Camel was used as the integration technology.

For flexibility and versatility, the system was implemented with script languages such as Groovy and XPath. The system is successfully integrated and is managing orchestration with more than 5 other heterogeneous systems.

High performance
analytical tools

Several projects we've implemented from scratch deal with a highly complex task of collecting and transforming analytical data from several heterogeneous sources: relational DBMS, NoSQL storage, LDAP structures. This task has been successfully solved using ETL techniques.

We've used Pentaho Kettle, an open source implementation of ETL. The developed ETL schema allows updates and replications of more than 25,000,000 entities in less than an hour.

MongoDB NoSQL implementation has been used as a central data storage in a Data Analysis System for B2B Market. Due to advantages of this application we've been able to provide quick response (about 500 ms) for quite complex reporting queries while still maintaining over 500 simultaneous requests per second.

Web 2.0

Dynamic Self-Service System was created from scratch in several progressive phases. A complete maintenance life-cycle was also provided.

This project involved application of JMS API implementation from Apache, Terracotta enterprise level caching, SMPP, SOAP, Vaadin, Oracle DB for persisting metadata. In addition, we used Git in quite a nonstandard way - as an operational data storage.

That allowed us to create a self-sufficient, fully clustered system processing over 2K simultaneous requests per second for just one node of the cluster. It also allowed almost immediate delivery of dynamic menus to production (5 min in comparison with hours in previous implementations).

TMForum Framework

The core of program infrastructure are the ideas generated as a result of detailed analysis of all aspects of enterprise work, which is the reason why during the development of infrastructure services we actively use recommendations of TM Forum, which help us to structure the ideas.

Standards of TM Forum Consortium represent a structured approach to development, implementation and exploitation of software. These standards facilitate the development of a general data model where the whole infrastructure would fit. As a result, all subsystems operate by the same concepts, which allows to develop and maintain the whole infrastructure successfully.

Also, TM Forum ensures the understanding of the fact that such subsystems should be present in the enterprise and the definition of their functional borders. Usage of TM Forum recommendations ensures the quality of our analytical processes and implementation of new subsystems.

We know from experience that technologies become outdated faster and faster. Staying in a static set of technologies for coming products and solutions will simply limit their lifecycle and will require upgrade or swap 2-3 years earlier. And more important than current knowledge is the capability of the team to identify and apply proper technologies, which are proven by research and test runs and will be a precise fit empowering the required aspects of the IT solution and business case.

So we easily switch from high level script languages such as Python to low level development in Assembler as needed.

We always keep an eye on the cutting edge of technologies. We see the benefit to support the engineers' interest in research and exploration of new tools, frameworks and solutions. Those are often used for internal tools and apps first. And then it can safely bring a benefit to new products and solutions.

We use various open source tools and frameworks which make our solutions faster in time-to-market, more flexible, cost-effective and secure. We carefully choose them, taking into consideration the licenses and IP rights. That results in efficient solutions. And, for sure, there are still many areas where a good proprietary third-party product is the right solution.

In parallel to the above, we continuously develop our own software, which is used as additional components of actual IT solutions and can be reused for new undertakings.

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